Mobility is fundamental in any training. Proper mobility means more efficient training, faster results, less injuries and better posture.

Test your mobility and implement adequate exercises into your daily routine.

Poor posture doesn’t only mean looking unattractive and self-doubting, poor posture can deteriorate health, causing pain and injuries.

Be conscious about you posture and if necessary implement proper exercises.


Train ONLINE with the top Masters

From Around The World

MAT | Martial Arts Training is a project that me and my boyfriend have been developing since September 2020. On MAT you can find quality Martial Arts Online programs with the top Masters from around the world. If you are passionate about training and fitness, you definitely need to check MartialArts.Training! You will be amazed how much you can learn there!

Our first program – Shaolin Kung Fu Basics. In just one program you will LEARN:

+ Shaolin Kung Fu
+ Qi Gong
+ Meditation
+ Power Training
+ Power Stretching
+ Conditioning

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