*Before attending these mobility tests make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes that are not restricting your movement.

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MOBILITY 2 contains 4 MOBILITY TESTS  that are evalueting lower body basic mobility, including ankle dorsiflexion, knee flexion, hip flexion (hamstring flexibility).

mobility test

TEST 1 Bend Forward

Ankle Mobility Tests

TEST 2 Deep Squat

Knee Mobility Tests

TEST 3 Heel To Butt

mobility test

TEST 4 Active Straight Leg Raise

MOBILITY 3 contains 5 MOBILITY TESTS  that are evaluating your hip mobility, including flexion, extension, abduction, external and internal rotations.

mobility test

TEST 1 Butterfly Sit

mobility test

TEST 2 Half Lotus Sit

mobility test

TEST 3 Press Knee Down

mobility test

TEST 4 Knee To Chest

mobility test

TEST 5 Deep Lunge

mobility test

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  • can lead to lower back pain,
  • hips, knees and ankles injuries,
  • it can hinder your walking, running, jumping and kicking,
  • it can affect your posture.

Improve your Mobility and Flexibility

mobility test

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