For many of us one of the biggest challenges in life is keeping a healthy eating habits. I dare to say, it’s the most important challenge. Eating healthy and in a moderate manner can become the best decision and skill you have ever achieved. This is why giving it a go and putting an effort into it will always bring benefits.

There are many resources about healthy eating habits and you should follow what suits your body mentally and physically. These are few rules that I personally think are worth giving a try and incorporating into your daily habits:

What You Eat Is Important

Healthy Eating Habits


  • Make natural or minimally processed foods the basis of your diet

Natural or minimally processed foods, in great variety, mainly of plant origin, are the basis for diets that are nutritious, delicious, appropriate.

  • Limit the use of processed food and avoid ultra processed food.

Processed food – the ingredients and techniques used in the manufacture of processed foods—such as vegetables in brine, fruits in syrup, cheeses and breads – unfavourably alter the nutritional composition of the foods from which they are derived.

Ultra processed food – because of their ingredients, ultra-processed foods —such as packaged snacks, soft drinks, and instant noodles—are nutritionally unbalanced. As a result of their formulation and presentation, they tend to be consumed in excess, and displace natural or minimally processed foods. Their means of production, distribution, marketing, and consumption damage culture, social life, and the environment.¹

Drink water

Drink at least 2,5l of good quality water daily

Avoid white salt

Replace it with Himalayan salt or other healthier options

Avoid processed sugar

Replace it with healthy sweet options. It’s really worth it!

Buy good quality FOOD

Be wary of food advertising and marketing. Buy food from local farmers, if possible

How You Eat Matters

Healthy Eating Habits

Enjoy your food, eat in an appropriate environment and whenever possible, in company.

healthy eating habits

How Much Should You Eat

Healthy Eating Habits

Play a hunger game 

  1. Try to distinguish “need to eat” from “want to eat” or “should eat”.
  2. Observe your body and try to notice when you are really getting hungry and when it’s just your emotions pushing you to snack on something or maybe you are thirsty instead of hungry. Learn to recognize physical hunger cues and try to eat only when you are actually hungry. 
  3. Notice your thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations connected with your eating times.
  4. Don’t eat till being stuffed. Eat till 80% of feeling full.

Try this portion measurement from Precision Nutrition instead of calorie counting


Healthy Eating Habits

Don’t try to be perfect

Small steps are better than being overwhelmed and at the end give up. This is why choose just one thing you want to improve in your diet, like food portions or a hunger game or eating environment, and stick to it till it becomes natural and enjoyable. After that focus on another thing that you could improve in your eating habit.

Check My Healthy Breakfast Videos

This is a serie of 4 videos about my preworkout breakfast that I’ve been eating for years. It’s energising, nutritious and tasty. However, please notice that if you have strong sugar cravings and you want to lose weight, eating lots of fruits might hinder your progress. This is why it is a good PREWORKOUT meal as it contain lots of carbs = energy. Nowadays I like to change my breakfast, sometimes chosing fruits, other times eating savory options or even skiping it. Remember, the choices you make should suit your body and lifestyle.

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