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Before enrolling in our Posture Program, it is highly recommended to read the following articles:

1. Maintain a GOOD POSTURE – daily habits, assessment, routines

2. Learn more about How To Fix Anterior Pelvic Tilt

3. Test Your Mobility – Why Is Mobility Important

4. 6 Workouts to improve Posture and Mobility

5. Human Body Test Mobility – FAQ

The Posture Program starts with a Shoulder and Thoracic Spine Mobility Test. It was included in this program to help you track your progress. It is strongly suggested that you download the PDF, where you can place your scores and keep track of your mobility level. The pdf also includes more information about the muscles that are crucial for your posture.

Who should do a Posture Program?

I genuinely recommend it to everybody. It can be an additional part of your regular training or become your daily exercise routine. I believe everybody will get something useful from this program, whether you are a professional athlete or a full-time office worker without any fitness experience.

What is great about this program is that, apart from exercises, it also includes a mobility test at the beginning and the end. In that way, you can track your improvement and better understand your mobility level, what are your postural tendencies, and which muscles you should stretch and strengthen to improve your posture and fitness level. Remember being aware of your body and your posture is a key to building healthy habits and a balanced body.

Moreover, this program provides articles that give you additional tips on how to correct and maintain a healthy posture. I highly recommend reading them before starting the program.

Will I lose weight with this Program?

If you have a proper diet and you perform the optional Abs workouts, this program can help you lose weight and get a flat stomach. But remember, the most important is your diet.

Must I follow the videos in a particular order?

I designed this program to be most approachable and balanced. This is why I recommend you to follow the order of the videos. However, if you know your body and it feels better to change the order of the videos, go for it. It’s really all about what makes you feel good and brings you best results.

What should I do if I miss a day in a Program?

Don’t worry. It’s okay. Just continue where you left off, as if you haven’t skipped that day at all.

I don't have neither Anterior Pelvic Tilt nor Posterior Pelvic Tilt, which routine I should choose on days 3, 13, 17 and 22?

If you have a neutral pelvic position, you have 3 options:

  1. Do both workouts during the day – PPT workout first and after an APT workout.
  2. Alternate the workouts, for example, choose APT workout on day 3rd, PPT workout on day 13th, APT on day 17th, PPT workout on day 22nd.
  3. The last option is: do both workouts on the 3rd day and in the following days choose the workout that suits you better, meaning your back feels better after doing it and you enjoy it more.

How is it possible to have one Posture Program for everybody?

I am aware of the fact that every body is different, has different fitness level and different posture issues. This is why you should treat this program as a guide and not follow it fanatically without any concern of whether it suits your body or not. Observe your body and pay attention to what brings you benefits and what doesn’t and based on that adjust the program according to your needs.

What to do if I get pain after the workout?

MUSCLE SORENESS: If you get muscle soreness after the workout, there is nothing wrong with that. If you have never used the muscles that are targeted during the workout, it is normal. It’s up to you if you want to take a day off because of that or keep training. I like to push myself and stick to the plan. Also, I noticed that training with muscle soreness helps release muscle stiffness and makes me feel better at the end of the day. But it’s really up to you.

NECK, SHOULDER, BACK PAIN: The exercises from this program are mostly focused on back strength and shoulder mobility. These exercises require precision and a proper form, which is a key when it comes to GOOD POSTURE. If you are distracted and unaware of your body, you can unconsciously pull a muscle or perform an exercise in the wrong manner. That can lead to pain or discomfort.

If that happens, you should definitely take a break until the uncomfortable feeling is gone. Don’t give up, though. Next time, try to do the exercises more consciously, maybe slower, always remembering to keep your shoulders down and your neck long. Also, try to observe what kind of exercises could create the pain and why. Next time skip this exercise or adjust it according to your body and fitness level.

Remember, sometimes changes in the body will trigger pain or discomfort. It is normal. It doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with the program or with you.

Why one day the workouts seem very beneficial, the other day the exercises seem very difficult and uncomfortable?

The exercises can feel different according to your day. This is why you should not judge yourself or the workout based on one day. Keep going, and you will see benefits along the way.

Sometimes the exercises can feel very strenuous and heavy for the neck, other times they can bring an immediate pain relief after work, another day it can affect your back and give you muscle soreness, some days you will feel like somebody has pulled your back into a straight position and you notice a significant improvement in your posture, you can also experience days that the workout will make you very relaxed and comfortable.

If you experience muscle soreness, you can take one additional day off and continue after. Remember to pay attention to the form of the exercises, always be aware of keeping a proper posture. Keep your shoulders down and your neck long. Imagine a line going through your spine from the tailbone to the top of your head and above it. Let the invisible energy pull it up. Your chin doesn’t lift, though. It’s the back of the neck that gets elongated. Also, remember about breathing, which is crucial when it comes to improving your posture.

What should I do after finishing the Program?

Posture and mobility are something that you should take care of your whole life. This is why I recommend you to continue doing your favourite routines at least 2-3 times a week. Choose the routines that combine both mobility and strength.

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Mobility Tests FAQ

Mobility Test - FAQ

Human Body Test Mobility 1 is part of our Posture Program. It is recommended to read FAQ before enrolling in the Posture Program.