*Before attending shoulder mobility test make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes that are not restricting your movement.

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Shoulder Mobility Test

TEST 1 Overhead Arm Movement

shoulder mobility test

TEST 2 Reverse Plank Bridge

shoulder mobility test

TEST 3 Clasp Hands Behind Back

Shoulder and thoracic spine are complementary to each other.  Mobility in your thoracic spine affects scapular stability and if that is hindered it can put a strain on the shoulder joints (glenohumeral joint), making them stiff and inflexible. These 3 Shoulder Mobility TESTS evaluete shoulder flexion, extension and rotations.

shoulder mobility test

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LACK OF upper body mobility

  • can lead to middle and upper back pain,
  • shoulder and elbow injuries,
  • it can hinder your training progress,
  • it can make you feel stiff and affect your posture.

Good shoulder mobility is important in almost any sport and fitness goal, including: gymnastics (f.ex handstand), swimming, martial arts (f. ex sanda, boxing, wing chun, grappling, jiu jitsu), tennis, golf, basketball, lifting weights overhead, badminton, volleyball and so on.

Bad Posture – Lack of Mobility

Lack of shoulder and thoracic spine mobility can lead to a POOR POSTURE, causing:

Stiff Shoulders


Rounded Shoulders

(Shoulder Protraction/ Slouched Posture)
developing poor posture

Kyphotic spine

(Roundback / Hunched Back)

Flat Lumbar Spine

PPT – Posterior Pelvic Tilt



APT – Anterior Pelvic Tilt


 Nerd neck

(Forward Head Posture)
shoulder mobility test


Improve your Mobility and Posture

shoulder mobility test

4 WEEKS program completely free

 BENEFITS: Develop Healthy Posture, Relieve and Prevent Back Pain, Strengthen Core Muscles, Improve Shoulder Mobility, Tone Your Arms and Sculpt The Back

Mobility and posture exercises

6 routines to improve mobility and posture

If you don’t want to follow the program, in this article you will find 6 routines that will help you improve shoulder and thoracic spine mobility, and posture.